Píeta Ísland receives a large Erasmus+ grant to adapt and implement a sucide prevention course for 13-14 year old youth.

NORTH Consulting has for the past 3 years been working with the Pieta Island non-governmental organization that provides accessible psychological services and treatment to those at risk of suicide and self-harm. NORTH has supported the organization in strategy planning and recently wrote a successful Erasmus+ proposal that got funded for 159.000 euros. The 24 month project, entitled Building Resilience among Youth or BUILD, aims at adapting and implementing a successful learning course for 13-14 year old youth aimed at preventing suicidal thoughts and self-harming. The course has been implemented in Ireland since 2017. Pieta Island leads the project but other partners are Hafnarfjordur municipality, Athena Consulting in Ireland and The Social Innovation Fund in Lithuania. NORTH has been hired by Hafnarfjordur municipality to provide expert services in implementing the project in the municipality. We look forward to being part of this very exiting project.

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