NORTH Consulting is a boutique consultancy operating out of Iceland.  Owned and managed by Maria Kristin Gylfadottir, a native of Iceland,

NORTH, or “norður” as we say in Icelandic, represents our home´s location on the world map. Iceland lies between latitudes 63 and 68°N, and longitudes 25 and 13°W  Being one of the four main directions NORTH is also the direction all other directions are measured from.

Our mission is to help companies, public entities and non-profit organisations in developing and delivering new products, projects and services. Doing so will improve their sustainability and profitability but also  contribute to a more inclusive and better society for all.

Our vision is simple: “Make the world a better place for YOU to work in and a better place for US to live in.”  We want to help the world discover your innovative ideas, products and services.  We use insight in our decision-making and we only take on projects we believe in.  We are honest consultants and we will tell you if we don´t think your idea can fly!

About Us

NORTH is the outcome of Maria Kristin´s  long lasting affair with European history, politics and the European Union, starting already with her studies at Georgetown University´s School of Foreign Service where she did a Masters´ degree in German and European Studies. There she studied under many Professors who later became directly involved in European and American politics, such as Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, and Joao Barosso ,who later became the President of the European Commission. 

Maria is a co-founder and the CEO of NORTH Consulting. She is the heartbeat of the company but refuses to do the work exclusively by herself: instead, she is a master in delegating projects to her team and beyond. She has extensive knowledge and expertise of European funding programmes  having worked with them every day for the last 15 years. She is also seasoned in advising on funding opportunities within the EEA/Norway Grants as well as Nordic and  national funding schemes, particularly for SMEs and start-ups. Maria is a public speaker, project manager, project evaluator, and an expert in product development, strategic management and team-building.

Our Services

NORTH operates as an ecosystem – a structured community of experts building a bridge between their competences and your ideas. We offer companies, public entities and non-profit organisations a broad range of services.

We are a one-stop-shop for grant and loan funding.  Our 360 degree service model brings your project idea to real life implementation. We guide you from idea inception through the application process and contract finalization.  When needed, we also provide project management support.  We focus attention on:

  • Horizon 2020 Grant funding, SME Instrument, Eurostars, COSME, new innovation demonstration projects as well as breakthrough research & innovations
  • EEA and Norway Grants funding, different priority sectors
  • Nordic funding – NEFCO, NordForsk, and NORDPLUS
  • European financing mechanisms, European Investment Fund and InnoFin

We are your partner in business development, new product/service development and strategy planning.  Sometimes an outsider´view is just the what you need to move forward with your business idea or your strategy planning. We help you develop your innovative  idea and provide you support in developing a strategy for your business or organisation.

We are your host in conferences and thematic workshops and help you in building up the spirit in your team.  We are practitioners of participatory leadership and as such believe that employee´s opinion is strength in decision-making. 

Our Clients

Our clients provide us the oxygen we need to breath.  We have had the privilege to work with a diverse group of clients and enjoyed every moment of getting to know them and their products and services better.  These are a few of our clients:



Contact Us

Want to know more about NORTH and our services?  
Email: maria@northconsulting.is or postur@northconsulting.is
Phone: +3548204752
Skype: maria.gylfadottir